No one is OK. Except maybe Derek.

I began the day beaming in a Dunkies in Waltham, Massachusetts. It didn’t end nearly so good. You see, I’m on a whirlwind trip inside a whirlwind trip.

Three weeks ago, I had three different people in three different hospitals in three different states. One of those people was my husband, Matt. I spent weeks trying to wrench him back to health, so I’ll be the first to admit that the hospitalized father and father-in-law on the East Coast both got the shit end of the attention stick. …

I didn’t book any of these people who appeared on the Talking Feds panel at the Texas Tribune festival in Austin, Texas in 2019. Harry Litman, the host, did that hard work. Pro tip: Always make the person with the best rolodex do all the booking. Also wow, Ellen Weintraub, FEC Commissioner, is looking right AT me.

Wow, do I dread the booking process.

There are lots of reasons why I dread performing this foundational act of journalism, but it all comes down to the fact that I hate to bother people. Yet I’ve had to keep booking guests in one media format or another for the last twenty plus years, so I’m going to pass on some information. I’ve got three big picture thoughts and then some process tips.

1. There are three types of bookings

There are obviously more than three. Book authors, celebrities and presidents are a whole other drama with specific rules of engagement. Booking for television news has its…

If you are a producer, you will eventually end up on the floor. I think this is Anthony Lemos here, who is setting up the microphones for a Talking Feds podcast episode in the offices of Congressman Ted Lieu. Anthony used to fix jets, so I think this is easier?

If hell is other people, this job is not for you

I learned how to produce radio and television at CBS News. CBS had and still has some of the best news producers ever — people you have never heard of and likely never will. People who changed my life, whose names are forever enshrined in my heart, and in the case of one Los Angeles bureau producer, buried deep in my psyche like a warning bell that surfaces at odd hours of the day and night. (Thanks a lot, ROBERTA.)

The reason you have likely never heard of these…

Producing in Dharamshala, India: Pulling up the baseball scores in the one corner of the garden where you get a signal, because the legendary correspondent you are working with wondered how the Mets did. (2007)

What is a producer and what do they do?

Producing for TV, radio, podcasts, and other digital media formats is the ongoing and never-ending act of solving 100 problem a day, one problem at time.

That’s it.

If you are a producer, your job is to solve problems for other people: your correspondent, other more senior producers, your camera or sound people, your radio engineer, the satellite truck operator, the London bureau desk, the kids who cut tape in the basement, the president of CBS News, and every once in a while, for yourself.

Everyone likes to get all bunched…

Oh hey hi! Happy New Year!

I figured we’d start out in 2019 with a new edition of the podcast newsletter that darts about the Outer Rim territories of the podcast universe. Think of it as a company newsletter with a special interest in independent podcasts–the ones you don’t always see on top of the podcast charts. In case you didn’t know, this Outer Rim business is a Star Wars reference. Many of these there will be, as a Star Wars podcast co-host I do.

I’m Jennie Josephson, and I produce podcasts for a living, with a side of freelance…

“Never atop the charts, always ahead of the game”

“Podcast Envy Syndrome”


I’m Jennie Josephson, and I produce podcasts for a living. I’m starting a newsletter so I can keep up to date on life in the Outer Rim territories of the podcast world. There are lots of podcasts out here — in June 2018, Apple announced they had more 550,000 podcasts in their store, and there are a lot more when you count shows that live exclusively in on Soundcloud, Audible or another podcast platform. I’m interested in 529,800 of those podcasts, especially the ones that are independently produced.

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What does it mean to be…

That table in the far corner was ours for the night.

Friday night is “the filet of the weekend” in our house. Filet as in filet mignon–the tender cut, the one with the most promise, and ideally, the least effort.

Friday night, when not reserved for blockbusters, used to be neighborhood restaurant night. On Friday nights, my mother and her partner William rotated between the three New Jersey restaurants–a steakhouse, a tavern, and an Italian restaurant. The common denominator–a great martini.

My husband Matt and I have lived in the flats of Hollywood, CA for fifteen years. Our neighborhood pub used to be The Cat and Fiddle. It was where we…

Shocker: He didn’t tell anyone

Here’s the video courtesy of Coverville

Hi! Congratulations to all tonight’s inductees. I’m Jennie Josephson, I produce podcasts for a living, which is only possible thanks to all of you. It’s my honor to be the least likely person to induct Scott Johnson into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. The most likely person is Hall of Fame podcaster Brian Ibbott, better known as the man with the funny hat. He’s relaxing over there.

Scott Johnson is not here. He’s home in Salt Lake City, Utah, fulfilling a massive Kickstarter and recovering from a week-long fever–two things I’m pretty…

There’s a park across the street from my office in Los Angeles. The city just remodeled the baseball fields–I think the Dodgers helped. Outside the gates of the farthest field, there is this grass. I think they must have had some turf left over after installing the outfield, and the contractors were like, I bet people would like this grass, and they just rolled it out and left it there.

I’m pretty sure this grass is magic. It’s thick, like a carpet, and has great bounce. It smells like you wish grass would smell in your yard, and it always…

Gwen on New Years Eve 2017 — Los Angeles, CA

New Year’s Eve at the butcher shop around the corner

“We’re not fancy, but we’re fun.” — Jean Flanagan, mother-in-law

This is the story of a fine-dining restaurant that wants to be world-class, but might be better off just having fun.

My year or so of eating at Gwen, thinking about it, and writing about it, has been like watching a Star Wars trilogy unfold around the corner. The first time, I fell in love with the possibility of it all. Monkey bread! Sausage rolls! Giant haunches of meat in the window! …

Jennie Josephson

Stories told in audio form, but words are my first love.

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