Lately I have begun to remember my dreams.

I didn’t book any of these people who appeared on the Talking Feds panel at the Texas Tribune festival in Austin, Texas in 2019. Harry Litman, the host, did that hard work. Pro tip: Always make the person with the best rolodex do all the booking. Also wow, Ellen Weintraub, FEC Commissioner, is looking right AT me.

If you are a producer, you will eventually end up on the floor. I think this is Anthony Lemos here, who is setting up the microphones for a Talking Feds podcast episode in the offices of Congressman Ted Lieu. Anthony used to fix jets, so I think this is easier?

Producing in Dharamshala, India: Pulling up the baseball scores in the one corner of the garden where you get a signal, because the legendary correspondent you are working with wondered how the Mets did. (2007)
That table in the far corner was ours for the night.

Jennie Josephson

Stories told in audio form, but words are my first love.

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